Do You Hire Veterans? Apply For The DOL’s VETS Medallion Program

Do You Hire Veterans? Apply For The DOL's VETS Medallion Program

The Department of Labor has launched the Hire VETS Medallion Program. This is the only federal award that recognizes employers of all sizes who excel at hiring and retaining veterans.  A Medallion Award employer can use a “digital” Medallion for their website and advertising.

The Medallion shows customers, the public, business partners, and potential employees that your business is dedicated to and a leader in employing our nation’s veterans.

A list of Medallion Award recipients will be published each year setting your business apart from your peers.


  • Top quality veterans will seek employment and help your business grow
  • Customers will be attracted to your business
  • Business partners may seek to emulate your success

Are you a Veteran ready employer?

Apply for the recognition you have earned.

Do you want your business to benefit from veteran employees?

Put your business on the path to winning a Medallion.

For more information go to

Why Hire Vets?

HONOR. The Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans Act of 2017 (HIRE Vets Act) creates a voluntary program for recognizing efforts by employers to recruit, employ, and retain veterans through a HIRE Vets Medallion Award.

INVEST. The Medallion Program highlights investments in Veteran Organization or Resource Groups, HR Veterans’ Initiatives, and Leadership, Pay Differential or Tuition Assistance Programs that assist in developing veteran employment efforts.

RECRUIT. Employers recognize the benefits of recruiting veterans and want to attract more in the future. Recipients have the opportunity to utilize the Medallion in the marketing of their firm when hiring, as well as to attract additional business.

EMPLOY. Veterans bring experience, adaptability, and focus. Employers applying for a HIRE Vets Medallion are reaping a competitive advantage and this award allows them to maximize the return on their investment in the veteran programs they offer. Learn more at

This Employment Public Service Announcement (PSA) was brought to you by Veteran Owned Business and our Veterans Hire Veterans Employment Network!

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