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Resources To Help Veterans Find And Keep Jobs

Veterans Hire Veterans Employment Network and Veterans Hire Veterans Employment Resources and Links (be sure to scroll down to view all employment resources) Follow VOB On… Veterans Hire Veterans Employment Network: what do you do when you have over 31,500 members, many whose businesses/organizations are growing and prefer to hire fellow veterans and others from the military community? And you… Read more

Today, March 30th, We Observe Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day!

Today, March 30th, the nation observes “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”.  March 30th marks the historic withdrawal of United States troops from Vietnam on March 30, 1973.  Please join Veteran Owned Business, our members, families and friends as we pay tribute to the valiant service of Vietnam War and Vietnam-Era Veterans. All around our great nation there will be celebrations… Read more

Happy 96th Birthday American Legion!

Click here to read about how the American Legion got started and a breakdown of historical Legion events and dates The American Legion turns 96 today, March 15. It was on this date in 1919 when the first American Legion caucus was convened in Paris, coordinated by members of the American Expeditionary Force. Weary from war and its effects, they … Read more

Veteran Owned Business Project Celebrates its Sixth Anniversary

Happy Veterans Day! And A Big “Thank You” For Your Continued Support! We are very proud to announce the 6th Anniversary of the launch of the Veteran Owned Business Project!   It seems like it was only yesterday when we launched the Veteran Owned Business Project as an online communication tool and resource hub for veterans, active duty military, reservists, service disabled veterans… Read more

Veterans Day Poster Gallery – Veterans Day Posters from 1978 thru 2014

Attention Veteran Owned Business Members and Visitors: here’s a gallery of Veterans Day Posters from the first one issued in 1978 to present. Click each poster or the year to see the full-sized poster. Veterans Day Poster Gallery 2014 Veterans Day Poster Past Veterans Day Posters (Click each poster or the year to see the full-sized poster) 2013 2012 2011… Read more

June 27, 2014 Marks PTSD Awareness Day

About PTSD Awareness The National Center for PTSD promotes awareness of PTSD and effective treatments throughout the year. Starting in 2010, Congress named June 27th PTSD Awareness Day (S. Res. 455). Since then, during the month of June, we ask everyone to help us raise PTSD awareness. Following trauma, most people experience stress reactions but many do not develop PTSD. Mental… Read more

June 6th, 2014 is the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion

The History of D-Day and the D-Day Invasion Only 10 days each month were suitable for launching the operation: a day near the full Moon was needed both for illumination during the hours of darkness and for the spring tide, the former to illuminate navigational landmarks for the crews of aircraft, gliders and landing craft, and the latter to provide the… Read more