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Famous Veterans: these celebrities served in the United States Armed Forces

Check out these famous veterans: some joined after high school, some joined after college, some joined after becoming famous and some joined because they came from military families. Here is a list of Very Important Veterans. We've compiled this list of celebrities including film and television actors and actresses, writers, artists, athletes, singers and song writers, comedians, politicians and everything in between. Whether you need to or not, here's one more reason to love your favorite celebrities even more!

Famous Veterans
"Another reason to love your favorite celebrity!"

Famous Veterans

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "A"):

Derroll Adams - Folk Singer - (Coast Guard)
Donald Adams - Actor: Get Smart - (Marine Corps)
Nick Adams - Actor: Rebel Without a Cause - (Coast Guard 1952-1955)
Danny Aiello - Actor: The Last Don - (Army)
Claude Akins - Actor: Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo - (Army Signal Corps WWII)
Eddie Albert - Actor: Oliver on Green Acres - (Navy)
Alan Alda - Actor: M*A*S*H - (ROTC and Army Reserve)
Steve Allen - Actor, Musician, TV Host: first Tonight Show host - (Army)
Robert Altman - Director: M*A*S*H, Nashville - (ARMY WWII bomber pilot)
John Amos - Actor: James Evans on Good Times - (50th Armored Division of the New Jersey National Guard; Honorary Master Chief Coast Guard)
Michael Anderson - Denver Broncos - (Marine Corps)
Sunny Anderson - Food Network star - (Air Force 1993-1997)
Desi Arnaz - Actor/Musician: I Love Lucy - (Army)
James Arness - Actor: Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke - (Army WWII 3rd Infantry)
Gerald Arpino - Dancer, Choreographer - (Coast Guard)
Bea Arthur - Actor: Maude, The Golden Girls - (Marine Corps Women's Reserve 1943–1945)
Ed Asner - Actor: Mary Tyler Moore Show - (Army Signal Corps)
Gene Autry - Singing Cowboy, Actor - (Army Air Corps WWII)
Richard Avedon - Photographer- ( Merchant Marines 1942-1944)
James Avery - Actor: Philip Banks on Fresh Prince - (Navy 1968-1969 Vietnam War)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "B"):

Max Baer, Jr. - Actor: Jethro on Beverly Hillbillies - (Air Force Medical Technician)
F. Lee Baily - Lawyer for O.J. Simpson - (Marine Corps Pilot)
David Bald Eagle - Dancer, Actor: Dances with Wolves - (Army 82nd Airborne WWiI)
Bob Barker - The Price Is Right Host - (Navy WWII)
Al Barlick - Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee: Umpire - (Coast Guard WWII)
Eddie Barry - National Hockey League: Boston Bruins - (Coast Guard WWII)
Harry Belafonte - Singer/Songwriter, Actor - (Navy WWII)
Bob Bell - Bozo The Clown - (Marine Corps medical discharge, then Navy)
Glen Bell - Founder of Taco Bell - (Marine Corps WWII)
Paul Benedict - Actor: Harry Bentley in The Jeffersons - (Marine Corps)
Tony Bennett - Singer, Actor - (Army WWII)
Patty Berg - Professional Golfer - (Marine Corps Lt. 1942-1945)
Yogi Berra - Hall of Fame Baseball Player, Coach - (Navy WWII)
Bill Bixby - Actor: David Banner on The Incredible Hulk - (Marine Corps)
Rocky Bleier - National Football League: Pittsburgh Steelers - (Army Vietnam War)
Larry Blyden - Actor, Game Show Host:: What's My Line - (Marine Corps WWII)
Humphrey Bogart - Actor: Casablanca - (Navy 1918-1919; Coast Guard Temporary Reserve WWII)
Carol Bongiovi (Sharkey) - Playboy Bunny, Mother of Jon Bon Jovi - (Marine Corps)
John Bongiovi - Hairdresser, Father of Jon Bon Jovi - (Marine Corps)
Lee Bonnell - Actor: Smash-Up - (Coast Guard WWII)
Richard Boone - Actor: Have Gun, Will Travel - (Navy WWII)
Ernest Borgnine - Actor: Marty, McHale's Navy - (Navy 1935-41; reenlisted after attack on Pearl Harbor 42-45)
Jeff Bosley - Actor - (Army Special Forces - Green Beret Medic)
Tom Bosley - Actor: Mr. Cunningham on Happy Days - (Navy)
Peter Boyle - Actor: Frank Barone, Everybody Loves Raymond - (Navy Officer)
Neville Brand - Actor: Birdman of Alcatraz - (Army 1939-1945)
Hugh Brannum - Actor: Mr. Green Jeans on Captain Kangaroo (Marine Corps WWII)
Milton H. Bren - Hollywood Producer/Writer/Director - (Coast Guard)
Walter Brennan - Actor: Supporting Actor Oscars: Come and Get It, Kentucky, The Westerner - (Army WWI)
Beau Bridges - Actor - (Coast Guard Reserve for 8 years)
Jeff Bridges - Actor - (Coast Guard Reserve for 7 years)
Lloyd Bridges - Actor - (Coast Guard WWII, Coast Guard Auxiliary)
Wilford Brimley - Actor: The Waltons, Cocoon - (Marine Corps)
Frank Brimsek - National Hockey League: Boston Bruins - (Coast Guard 1943-1945)
Charles Bronson - Actor - (Air Force)
Mel Brooks - Actor, Comedian, Director - (Army 1944-1946)
Aaron Brown - Reporter, News Host: World News Tonight - (Coast Guard)
Danny Joe Brown - Original Lead Singer: Molly Hatchet - (Coast Guard)
Bear Bryant - Legendary University of Alabama Football Coach - (Navy WWII)
Art Buchwald - Author- (Marine Corps 1942-1945)
Bugs Bunny - Cartoon Character - (Honorary Marine by USMC)
Bob Burns - Actor: The Arkansas Traveler - (Marine Corps WWI)
Raymond Burr - Actor: Perry Mason, Ironside - (Navy 1944-1946)
George W. Bush - 43rd President - (Texas Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve 1974)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "C"):

Sid Caesar - Comedian, Actor - (Coast Guard)
Tony Caldwell - Musician: The Marshall Tucker Band - (Marine Corps Vietnam War)
Canibus - Rapper - (Army)
Frank Capra - Director: It's A Wonderful Life - (Army Signal Corps)
David Carradine - Actor: Kung Fu - (Army)
Rod Carew - Baseball Hall of Famer - (Marine Corps Reserve)
Drew Carey - Actor, Comedian, The Price Is Right Host - (Marine Corps Reserve 1980–1986)
Philip Carey - Actor: One Life to Live - (Marine Corps Korean War)
George Carlin - Comedian - (Air Force)
Art Carney - Actor: Honeymooners - (Army wounded during the Normandy landing)
Macdonald Carey - Actor: Dr. Tom Horton on Days of our Lives - (USMC WWII)
Harry Carrey, Jr. - Actor: The Whales of August - (Navy WWII)
John Carroll - Actor: Flying Tigers - (Army Air Corps pilot in North Africa)
Johnny Carson - Tonight Show host - (Navy 1943-1945)
Billy Carter - Brewer, Brother of President Jimmy Carter - (Marine Corps)
Jimmy Carter - 39th President - (Naval Academy, Navy Officer)
Johnny Cash - Singer/Songwriter - (Air Force 1950–1954)
James Carville - Campaign Strategist, TV Host: Crossfire - (Marine Corps 1966-1968)
Gower Champion - Actor, Dancer, Director - (Coast Guard WWII)
Donovan Chapman - Country Music Artist - (Air Force 10 years, 5 Pararescue)
Julia Childs - Chef, Author - (Intelligence Officer Office of Strategic Services WWII)
Roberto Clemente - Baseball: Pittsburgh Pirates - (Marine Corps Reserve 1958-1964)
Lee J. Cobb - Actor: The Left Hand of God - (Army Air Forces WWII 1942-1946)
Dabney Coleman - Actor: 9 to 5, Mr. Mom - (Army)
John Coltrane - Musician, Songwriter - (Navy played for the Navy's jazz band)
Darva Conger - Reality TV, posed naked for Playboy - (Air Force nurse Staff Sergeant)
Chuck Connors - The Rifleman - (Army 1942-1946)
Mike Connors - Actor: Mannix - (Army Air Corps WWII)
William Conrad - Actor: Jake and the Fatman - (Army Air Corps WWII Fighter Pilot)
Tim Conway - Actor: The Carol Burnett Show - (Army)
Jackie Coogan - Actor: Uncle Fester in The Addams Family - (Army WWII)
Denton Cooley - Surgeon: 1st total artificial heart implant (Army Medical Corp)
Chris Cooper - Actor: The Bourne Identity - (Coast Guard Reserve)
Jackie Cooper - Actor: Little Rascals, Superman - (Navy WWII)
John Dean "Jeff" Cooper - Writer/Creator of the "Modern Technique" of Handgun Shooting (USMC WWI and Korean War)
Barry Corbin - Actor: Northern Exposure - (Marine Corps)
Bill Cosby - Actor, Comedian - (Navy Hospital Corpsman)
Howard Cosell - Sportscaster - (Army Transportation Corps WWII)
Randy Couture - UFC Heavyweight Champion, Actor - (Army)
Warren Covington - Band Leader: Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - (USCG 1943-1945)
Billy Cox - Bassist: Performed with Jim Hendrix - (Army stationed with Hendrix)
Dan Cragg - Science Fiction Writer - (Army from 1958 to 1980)
Bob Crane - Actor: Hogan's Heroes - (National Guard 1948-1950)
Richard Cromwell - Actor: The Lives of a Bengal Lancer - (Coast Guard WWII)
Walter Cronkite - Anchorman: CBS Evening News - (Coast Guard Auxiliary)
Bob Crosby - Actor, Musician: The Bob Crosby Orchestra - (Marine Corps WWII)
Tony Curtis - Actor: Some Like it Hot - (Navy WWII)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "D"):

Ossie Davis - Actor: Do The Right Thing - (Army 1942-1945)
Sammy Davis Jr. - Actor, Singer - (Army WWII)
Jimmy Dean - Singer/Sausages - (Merchant Marines 1944-46; Air Force 1946-48)
Brian Dennehy - Actor: First Blood - (Marine Corps Vietnam War)
Jack Dempsey - Boxer: Heavyweight Champion - (Coast Guard Reserve)
Bradford Dillman - Actor: Sudden Impact - Marine Corps 1951-1953)
Joe Dimaggio - Star Baseball Player NY Yankees - (Army Air Forces 1943-1945)
David Dinkins - Politician: former Mayor of New York City - (Marine Corps 1945-1946)
Nate Dogg - Rapper - (Marine Corps Munitions Specialist)
Art Donovan - NFL: Baltimore Colts - (Marine Corps WWII 1943-1945)
Kirk Douglas - Actor: Spartacus - (Navy WWII)
Adam Driver - Actor: Star Wars: Episode VII - (Marine Corps)
Charles Durning - Actor: Tootsie, The Muppet Movie - (Army WWII)
Fred Durst - Singer for the band Limp Bizkit - (Navy)
Robert Duvall - Actor: The Godfather, Oscar for Tender Mercies - (Army Korean War)
Dale Dye - Actor: Capt. Harris in Platoon - (USMC 1964-84 Purple Heart, Bronze Star)
Wayne Dyer - Author, Self-Help Guru, Motivation Speaker - (Navy 1958 to 1962)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "E"):

Clint Eastwood - Actor, Director - (Army 1951–1953)
Buddy Ebsen - Actor: Jed Clampett The Beverly Hillbillies - (Coast Guard Officer)
Blake Edwards - Producer/Director: Pink Panther/10 - (Coast Guard WWII)
David Eigenberg - Actor: Steve Brady on Sex and the City - (Marine Corps Reserve)
Perry Ellis - Clothing Designer - (Coast Guard Reserve, 6 months active duty)
R. Lee Ermey - Actor - (Marine Corps 1961-1971)
Maurice Evans - Actor: Dr. Zaius in Planet of the Apes - (Army Major WWII)
The Everly Brothers (both brothers) - Musicians - (Marine Corps Reserve 1961-1962)
Jason Everman - Musician: Nirvana, Soundgarden - (Army Special Forces)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "F"):

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. - Actor: Sinbad the Sailor - (Navy WWII 1941-1946)
Jamie Farr - Actor - (Army - character in M*A*S*H wore his Army issued dog tags)
Thomas Farris - National Football League: Green Bay Packers - (Coast Guard)
Mike Farrell - Actor: BJ Hunnicutt on M*A*S*H - (Marine Corps)
Norman Fell - Actor: Mr. Roper on Three's Company - (Army Air Corps Tail Gunner)
Bob Feller - Baseball Star - (Joined Navy after attack on Pearl Harbor WWII)
Freddy Fender - Musician - (Marine Corps)
Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Poet: A Coney Island of the Mind - (Navy WWII Lt. Cdr.)
Arthur Fiedler - Conductor: Boston Pops - (Coast Guard Auxiliary)
Anton Otto Fischer - Illustrator: Saturday Evening Post - (Coast Guard)
Eddie Fisher - Singer, Actor - (Army 1951-1952)
F. Scott Fitzgerald - Author: The Great Gatsby - (Army WWI)
Joe Flaherty - Actor: SCTV, jeering fan in Happy Gilmore - (Air Force 1959–1962)
Pat Flaherty - Athlete, Actor: Mutiny on the Bounty - (Army Signal Corps WWI, USMC WWII & Korean War)
Larry Flynt - Publisher of Hustler - (Army 1958, Navy 1964)
John Fogerty - Musician: Credence Clearwater Revival - (Army Reserve 1966-1967)
Henry Fonda - Actor - (Navy WWII)
Glenn Ford - Actor: Gilda, Blackboard Jungle - (Marines Corps Reserve 1942-1943, then Naval Reserve Officer)
Steve Forrest - Actor: S.W.A.T. - (Army WWII)
Preston Foster - Actor: My Friend Flicka - (Coast Guard WWII)
Dennis Franz - Actor: NYPD Blue - (Army Vietnam War)
Morgan Freeman - Actor - (Air Force 1955-1959)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "G"):

Clark Gable - Actor: Gone with the Wind - (Army Air Forces 1942-1944)
Jerry Garcia - Musician: Grateful Dead - (Army dismissed with General Discharge)
James Garner - Actor: Rockford Files - (Merchant Marine, Army Korean War, 2 Purple Hearts)
Marvin Gaye - Singer - (Air Force - discharged after faking a mental illness)
Christopher George - Actor: The Rat Patrol - (Marine Corps)
Charles Gibson - Good Morning America - (Coast Guard)
Burton Gilliam - Boxer, Actor: Back to The Future III - (Coast Guard)
John Glenn - Astronaut, Senator - (Marine Corps, Navy, WWII, Korean War)
Scott Glenn - Actor: The Silence of the Lambs - (Marine Corps 1975-1986)
Arthur Godfrey - Radio Personality, Actor - (Navy 1920-1924, Coast Guard 1927-1930)
Gale Gordon - Actor: The Lucy Show, Dennis the Menance - (Coast Guard 1942-1945)
Sid Gordon - Major League Baseball Player - (Coast Guard 1944-1945)
Berry Gordy - Recorder/Television Producer - (Army 1950-1953 Korean War)
Frank Gorshin - Actor: The Riddler in Batman - (Army 1953-1955)
Otto Graham - National Football League: Hall of Famer - (Navy Air Corps WWII)
Josh Gracin - Country Singer, American Idol Contestant - (Marine Corps - 2000-2004)
Peter Graves - Actor: Mission: Impossible, Gun Smoke - (Air Force)
Hank Greenberg - MLB: Detoit Tiger MVP - (Army Air Corps WWII 1941-1945)
Shecky Greene - Comedian, Actor: Splash - (Navy)
James Gregory - Actor: Inspector Lugar on Barney Miller (Navy & Marine Corps WWII)
Robert Guillaume - Actor: Benson – (Army)
Clu Gulager - Actor: The Killers, The Return of the Living Dead - (USMC 1946-1948)
Moses Gunn - Actor: The Never Ending Story - (Army)
Bob Gunton - Actor: The Shawshank Redemption - (Army 1969-1971)
Fred Gwynne - Actor: Herman on The Munsters, My Cousin Vinny - (Navy WWII)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "H"):

Buddy Hackett - Comedian, Actor: The Love Bug - (Army WWII)
Gene Hackman - Actor: French Connection - (Marine Corps 1947-1949)
Larry Hagman- Actor: Dallas, I Dream of Jeanie - (Air Force)
Alan Hale, Jr. - Actor: Skipper on Gilligan's Island - (Coast Guard WWII)
Alex Haley - Author: Roots - (Coast Guard retired after 20 years)
M.C. Hammer aka Stanley Kirk Burrell - Rapper - (Navy)
Wynn Handman - Actor/Action Teacher/Producer/Director: - (Coast Guard Officer WWII)
Bill Harbach - Actor, TV Producer/Director: The Tonight Show - (Coast Guard)
Tom Harmon - NFL: LA Rams - (US Army Air Corps WWII 449th Fighter Squadron, shot down)
Richard Benjamin Harrison aka Old Man - Pawn Stars - (Navy Retired 20 years)
Mickey Hart - Drummer: Grateful Dead - (Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps)
Gustav Hasford - Author, Poet - (USMC - short story adapted to film Full Metal Jacket)
Howard Hawks - Director: Rio Bravo - (Army Air Corps 1917)
Sterling Hayden - Actor: Jack D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove - (Marine Corps)
Lloyd Haynes - Actor: Pete Dixon on Room 222 - (Marine Corps 1952-64 Korean War)
Louis Hayward - Actor: The Man in the Iron Mask - (USMC Bronze Star Medal)
Hugh Hefner - Playboy Magazine - (Army 1944-1946)
Jim Hegan - Major League Baseball Catcher: Cleveland Indians - (Coast Guard WWII)
Joseph Heller - Author: Catch-22 - (Army Air Corps WWII, bombadier)
Sherman Hemsley - Actor: The Jeffersons - (Air Force)
Jimi Hendrix - Musician - (Army 1961–1962)
Charlton Heston - Actor, NRA president - (Army Air Corps 1944–1946)
Christopher Hibler - Producer/Director - (Coast Guard)
George Roy Hill - Director: Slaughterhouse Five - (Army Air Corps Pilot WWII, Korean War)
Steven Hill - Actor: Mission Impossible, Law & Order - (Navy WWII)
Pat Hingle - Actor: Commissioner Gordon in Batman films - (Navy WWII)
Don Ho - Hawaiian Singer: Tiny Bubbles - (Air Force 1954-1959)
Hal Holbrook - Actor - (Army)
William Holden - Actor: Oscar Winner for Stalag 17 - (Army Air Corps 1942-1945)
Earl Holliman - Actor: Golden Globe for The Rainmaker - (Navy)
John Holmes - Pornstar - (Army 1960-1963)
William Hopper - Actor: Paul Drake on Perry Mason - (Coast Guard WWII)
Robert Horton - Actor: Flint McCullough on Wagon Train - (Coast Guard WWII)
David Huddleston - Actor: 'The Big Lebowski - Air Force Officer (GI Bill to study acting)
Ernie Hudson - Actor: Ghostbusters - (Marine Corps)
Rock Hudson - Hollywood Legend/Actor - (Navy - 1944-1946)
Tab Hunter - Actor: Damn Yankees - (Coast Guard lyed to get in at age 15)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "I"):

Ice-T aka Tracy Marrow - Rapper, Actor - (Army Rangers 1979-1983)
Charles Isaacs - Television Writer - (Coast Guard WWII)
John Donald Imus - Radio talk show host - (Marine Corps 1957-1959)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "J"):

Keith Jackson - Sportscaster: ABC Sports - (Marine Corps)
Clifton James - Actor: Sheriff J.W. Pepper - Live and Let Die - (Army 1942-1945, 163rd Infantry, 41st Division)
Sonny James - Country Singer/Songwriter - (Army Korean War)
Lew Jenkins - Boxer: Lightweight Champion - (Coast Guard WWII, Army Korean War Silver Star Recipient)
Jamey Johnson - Singer/Songwriter - (Marine Corps Reserve 1995-2003)
Russell Johnson - Actor: The Professor on Gilligan's Island - (Army Air Corps WWII 1942-1945; Air Force Reserve 1st Lt. 1945-1957)
Dean Jones - Actor: That Darn Cat! - (Navy Korean War)
George Jones - Country Singer - (Marine Corps)
James Earl Jones - Actor: Field of Dreams- (Army Rangers 1953-1955 Korean War)
Thad Jones - Trumpeter, Composer, Band Leader, Count Basie Orchestra - (Army)
Victor Jory - Actor: Man Hunt - (Coast Guard boxing and wrestling champion)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "K"):

Bob Kalsu - Buffalo Bills Rookie of the Year - (Army Killed in Action in Vietnam)
Buster Keaton - Silent Actor - (Army 40th Infantry Division WWI)
Maynard James Keenan - Singer for the band Tool - (Army)
Bob Keeshan - Actor: Captain Kangaroo - (Marine Corps Reserve)
Harvey Keitel - Actor: Pulp Fiction - (Marine Corps)
Brian Keith - Actor: Family Affair - (Marine Corps 1942-1945 WWII)
Robert Kellard - Actor: Drums of Fu Manchu/Three Stooges - (Coast Guard)
DeForest Kelley - Actor: Dr. McCoy on Star Trek - (Army Air Corps 1943-1946 WWII)
Brian Kelly - Actor: father on Flipper - (Marine Corps Korean War)
Gene Kelly - Dancer, Singer, Actor - (Navy WWII)
George Kennedy - Actor: Airport, Naked Gun - (Army WWII, 16 years active duty)
B.B. King - Legendary Blues Guitarist - (Army)
Werner Klemperer - Actor: Col. Klink on Hogan's Heroes - (Army WWII 1942-1945)
Jack Klugman - Actor: Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple - (Army)
Evel Knievel - Daredevil - (Army)
Ted Knight - Actor: Ted Baxter on Mary Tyler Moore - (Army WWII)
Don Knotts - Actor, Comedian - (Army)
Harvey Korman - Actor, Comedian - (Navy 1945-1946)
Jack Kramer - Tennis: Winner of 10 Grand Slam titles - (Coast Guard WWII)
Kris Kristofferson - Singer, Actor: A Star is Born - (Army Helicopter Pilot 1960-1965)
Nancy Kulp - Actress: Jane Hathaway on The Beverly Hillbillies - (Navy Reserve WWII)
Gary Kurtz - Film Producer: Star Wars - (Marine Corps 1966-1969)
Chris Kyle - Author: American Sniper - (Navy SEAL Sniper - Iraq War)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "L"):

Alan Ladd - Actor: Shane - (Army Air Force WWII)
Burt Lancaster - Actor: Oscar Winner for Elmer Gantry - (Army WWII)
Tom Landry - Dallas Cowboys Head Coach 1960-88 - (Army Air Corps WWII)
Mills Lane - Professional Boxing: Referee, District Judge - (Marine Corps)
John Larroquette - Actor: Night Court - (Navy Reserve)
Dan Lauria - Actor: father on The Wonder Years - (Marine Corps Officer Vietnam War)
Jacob Lawrence - Artist: Time Magazine Cover - (Coast Guard 1943-1945)
Jim Lehrer - News Anchor - (Marine Corps after college)
Harvey Lembeck - Actor: The Phil Silvers Show - (Army, USMC, Navy WWII)
Jack Lemmon - Actor: Odd Couple - (Navy Officer)
Scott Levy - Actor: The Hell Patrol - (USMC Persian Gulf War Stinger Missile Gunner)
Hal Linden - Actor: Barney Miller - (Army Korean War)
Charles Lindbergh - Inventor, Pilot - (Army, Army Air Service Reserve Pilot)
Joe Lisi - Actor: Third Watch, The Sopranos -(Marine Corps Reserve)
Robert Loggia - Actor: The Jagged Edge - (Army 1951-1953)
Joe Louis - Boxer World Heavyweight Champ - (Army)
Billy Lundigan - Actor: Love Nest with Marilyn Monroe - (Marine Corps WWII)
Marcus Luttrell - Author: Lone Survivor - (Navy SEAL Operation Red Wings)
Richard Lynch - Actor: The Sword and the Sorcerer - (Marine Corps 1958-1962)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "M"):

Gavin McLeod - Actor: Capt. Stubing on Love Boat - (Air Force)
Guy Madison - Actor: Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok - (Navy)
Jock Mahoney - Actor: Yancy Derringer - (Marine Corps Pilot WWII)
Karl Malden - Actor: Streets of San Francisco - (Army Air Corps WWII)
No Malice - Rapper/Clipse band member - (Army)
William Manchester - Author: The Death of a President - (USMC WWII Purple Heart)
Ray Manzarek - Keyboardist: The Doors - (Army Discharged after a year)
Rocky Marciano - Boxing: Undefeated Heavyweight Champ - (Army WWII)
John Mariucci - National Hockey League: Chicago Black Hawks - (Coast Guard WWII)
Monte Markham - Actor: The Second Hundred Years - (Coast Guard Officer 10 Years)
Garry Marshall-Director/Producer: Happy Days, Pretty Woman (Army - Korean War)
Strother Martin - Actor: Cool Hand Luke - (Navy WWII Swimming Instructor)
J.R. Martinez - Actor: All My Children, Dancing with The Stars - (Army Disabled)
Lee Marvin - Actor: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - (Marine Corps)
Jerry Mathers - Actor: Leave It To Beaver - (Air Force National Guard 1967-1969)
Tim Matheson - Actor: Animal House - (Marine Corps Reserve)
Walter Matthau - Actor: Oscar in The Odd Couple - (Army Air Corps 1942-45 WWII)
Victor Mature - Actor: Samson and Delilah - (Coast Guard WWII Petty Officer)
Ed McMahon - Johnny Carson's sidekick on the Tonight Show - (Marine Corps)
Burgess Meredith - Actor: Mickey in Rocky - (Army Air Corps Captain WWII)
John Miljan - Actor: I Accuse My Parents - (Marine Corps)
Harvey Milk - Politician, Activist - (Navy Diving Officer Korean War)
G. William Miller - Secretary of the Treasury under Carter - (Coast Guard Officer)
Glenn Miller - Musician/Big Bandleader/Composer - (Army Air Forces Band)
Steve McQueen - Actor: The Great Escape - (Marine Corps 1947-1950)
George Montgomery - Actor: Coney Island - (Army Air Corps)
Robert Montgomery - Actor: Mr. and Mrs. Smith - (Navy WWII Lt. CDR.)
Clayton Moore - Actor: The Lone Ranger - (Army Air Force WWII 1943-1945)
Craig Morgan - Country Music Artist - (Army 10 Years Active Duty, 7 Reserve)
Wayne Morris - Actor: Paths of Glory - (Navy WWII pilot aboard USS Essex)
Bubba Morton - Major League Baseball: Tigers, Braves, Angels - (USCGR Retired)
Frank Murkowski -Politician: Governor, Senator for Alaska - (Coast Guard)
Audie Murphy - Actor: Bad Boy - (Army 1942–45, TX Army National Guard 1950–66)
Michael Murphy - Actor: An Unmarried Woman, Manhattan - (Marine Corps)
Mystikal - Rapper - (Army Desert Storm)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "N"):

Willie Nelson - Singer/Songwriter, Actor - (Air Force 1951)
Bob Newhart - Actor, Comedian - (Army Korean War)
Paul Newman - Actor - (Navy 1943–1945)
Leonard Nimoy - Actor: Mr. Spock on Star Trek - (Army 1953–1955)
Chuck Norris - Actor, Martial Artist - (Air Force 1958-1962)
Ken Norton - Boxing: Heavyweight Champion - (Marine Corps)
Lisa Nowak - Astronaut (Navy Flight Officer)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "O"):

Hugh O'Brian - Actor: Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp - (Marine Corps)
Warren Oates - Actor: Two-Lane Blacktop - (Marine Corps)
Carroll O'Connor - Actor: Archie Bunker on All in The Family - (Merchant Marines)
Donald O'Connor - Dancer, Actor: Francis the Talking Mule - (Army WWII)
Edwin O'Connor - Pulitzer Prize Winning Author: The Edge of Sadness - (USCG WWII)
Gerald S. O'Loughlin - Actor: Lt. Ed Ryker on The Rookies - (Marine Corps)
Jess Oppenheimer - Writer/Producer/Director I Love Lucy - Coast Guard)
Peter Ortiz - Actor: Rio Grande - (Marine Corps, USMCR Colonel, 2 Purple Hearts)
James Otto - Country Musician: Just Got Started Lovin' You - (Navy)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "P"):

Jack Palance - Actor: City Slickers - (Army Air Forces WWII)
Arnold Palmer - Professional Golfer - (Coast Guard)
Fess Parker - Actor: Daniel Boone, Old Yeller - (Navy)
Vincent Pastore - Actor: The Sopranos - (Navy)
Dr. Ron Paul - Texas Representative - (Air Force 1963-65, National Guard 1965-68)
Pat Paulson - Comedian, Actor: Foreplay - (Marine Corps WWII)
Sam Peckinpah - Actor, Director: The Getaway, The Wild Bunch - (USMC 1943-1946)
Claiborne Pell - Politician: RI Senator, Created the Pell Grant - (USCG WWII, USCGR)
Jack Pennick - Actor - (USMC WWI, reenlisted into Navy, Silver Star Recipient)
George Peppard - Actor: Hannibal Smith on The A Team - (Marine Corps 1946-1948)
Felton Perry - Actor: Magnum Force - (Marine Corps)
John Perry - Producer - (Coast Guard)
Rick Perry - Texas Governor - (Air Force officer flew C-130 tactical airlift until 1977)
Bum Phillips - NFL Coach: Houston Oilers, New Orleans Saints - (Marine Corps WWII)
Edgar Allan Poe - Poet, Writer - (Army Sgt. Major 1827-1829)
Sidney Poitier - Academy Award Winning Actor: - (Army)
Sydney Pollack - Actor, Producer, Director: Oscar for Out of Africa - (Army 1957-1959)
Lee Powell - Actor: first cinema Lone Ranger - (Marine Corps WWII Killed in Action)
Tyrone Power- Actor: Witness for the Prosecution - (Marine Corps)
Elvis Presley - Singer, Actor - (Army 1958–1960)
Robert Preston - Actor: Victor Victoria - (Army Air Forces WWII)
Ray Price - Country Musician: The Cherokee Cowboy - (Marine Corps WWII)
Charley Pride - Country Music Star - (Army 1956-1958)
Denver Pyle - Actor: Jesse Duke on Dukes of Hazzard - Navy WWII)
Richard Pryor - Comedian, Actor - (Army)
Thomas Pynchon - Novelist: Gravity's Rainbow - (Navy 1955-1957)
Thomas Delmar Pyle - Musician: DoubleBass Drummer with Lynyrd Skynyrd (USMC)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "Q"):

Richard Quine - Director, Actor: Bell Book and Candle - (Coast Guard WWII)
Robin Quivers - Howard Stern's sidekick - (Air Force Captain, Nurse 1975-1978)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "R"):

Lou Rawls - Singer - (Army Paratrooper 82nd Airborne Division 1955-1958)
Aldo Ray - Actor: The Green Berets - (Navy 1944-1946)
Ronald Reagan - Actor, President - (Army)
Steve Reeves - Actor: Hercules - (Army WWII)
Carl Reiner - Director, Comedian, Actor: Dick Van Dyke - (Army WWII)
Harry Rhodes - Actor: Detroit 9000, Daktari - (USMC forged his mom's name at 15)
Buddy Rich - Legendary Drummer - (Marine Corps 1942-1944)
Charlie Rich - Country Musician, Songwriter - (Air Force)
Michael Richards - Comedian, Actor: Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld - (Army 1972-1974)
Don Rickles - Actor, Comedian - (Navy 1941-1946)
Rob Riggle - Actor, Comedian/Saturday Night Live - (USMC Retired 1990–2013)
Jason Robards - Actor: All The President's Men - (Navy WWII was at Pearl Harbor)
Marty Robbins - Country Singer: Grammy Award "El Paso" - (Navy WWII 1943-1945)
Dale Robertson - Actor: Tales of Wells Fargo - (Army WWII 777th Tank Battalion)
Pat Robertson - The 700 Club - (Marine Corps Officer Korean War 1950-1952)
Si Robertson - "Duck Dynasty's" Uncle Si - (Army Vietnam War - Retired in 1993)
David Robinson - NBA Star: San Antonio Spurs - (Navy Academy, Navy Active Duty)
Jackie Robinson - First Black Major League Baseball Player - (Army 1942-1944)
Sugar Ray Robinson - Boxer - (Army - Served beside fellow boxer Jackie Wilson)
Gene Roddenberry - Writer/Producer: Creator of Star Trek - (Army Air Corps WWII)
Paul Rodriguez - Actor: A Million to Juan - (Air Force)
Wayne Rogers - Actor: Trapper John on M*A*S*H - (Navy)
Cesar Romero - Singer, Actor: the Joker on Batman - (Coast Guard WWII)
Andy Rooney - 60 Minutes - (Army 1941-1943)
Mickey Rooney - Actor - (Army 1944-1946)
Bob Ross - Painter, Television Host: The Joy of Painting - (Air Force 1961–1981)
John Russell - Actor: Dan Troop on Lawman - (Marine Corps WWII)
Robert Ryan - Actor: John Claggart in Billy Budd - (Marine Corp Drill Instructor)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "S"):

Pat Sajak - Game Show Host: Wheel of Fortune - (Army)
Soupy Sales - Actor: The Soupy Sales Show - (Navy WWII)
JD Salinger - Author: The Catcher in the Rye - (Army Signal, Counter Intelligence Corps, WWII)
Walter Sande - Actor: Wild Wild West - (Coast Guard Temporary Reserve WWII)
Colonel (Harland David) Sanders - Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken - (Army)
William Sanderson - Actor: Backwoodsman Larry from Newhart - (Army)
Telly Savalas - Actor: Kojak - (Army WWII Purple Heart)
Roy Scheider - Actor: Jaws - (Air Force Officer then Air Force Reserve)
Charles Schulz - Illustrator/Writer: Peanuts - (Army)
George C. Scott - Actor - (Marine Corps 1945-1949)
Randolf Scott - Actor: Ride the High Country - (Army WWI)
Tom Seaver - Major League Baseball Pitcher - (Marine Corps Reserve)
Tom Selleck - Actor: Magnum P.I. - (California Army National Guard 1967-1973)
Rod Serling - Actor, Narrator: The Twilight Zone - (Army paratrooper)
Raymond Serra - Actor: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - (Marine Corps)
George Pratt Schultz - Secretary of State under Reagan - (Marine Corps 1942-1945)
Shaggy aka Orville Burrell - Singer/Rapper - (Marines Corps 1988 -1992 Gulf War)
Bernard Shaw - CNN News Anchor - (Marine Corps 1959-1963)
Carroll Shelby - Racecar Designer: Shelby Cobra, Auto Racing - (Army Air Corp WWII)
Neil Simon - Playwright: The Odd Couple - (Army Air Force Reserve 1945-1946)
Sinbad - Comedian, Actor - (Air Force)
Gene Siskel - Movie Critic: Siskel and Ebert - (Army Reserve)
Sgt Slaughter aka Robert Remus - Professional Wrestler - (Marine Corps)
Tucker Smallwood - Actor: Space: Above and Beyond - (Army Vietnam War 1967-70)
Thomas Sowell - Author, Economist - (Marine Corps)
Mickey Spillane - Author: Mike Hammer novels - (Army Air Force Joined 12/8/1941)
Leon Spinks - Boxing: Heavyweight Champion - (Marine Corps)
Harry Dean Stanton - Actor: Cool Hand Luke/Repo Man - (Navy WWII)
Robert Stack - Actor: The Untouchables - (Navy WWII Gunner Instructor)
Ray Stark - Agent/Producer: Funny Girl - (Coast Guard)
Roger Staubach - Dallas Cowboys QB - (Won Heisman Trophy while at Naval Academy, Navy Officer)
Rod Steiger - Actor: Oscar for In the Heat of the Night - (Navy WWII Battle of Iwo Jima)
George Steinbrenner - New York Yankees owner - (Air Force Officer)
Jimmy Stewart - Actor - (Army Air Corps/Air Force Reserve 1941–1968)
Oliver Stone - Director - (Army)
Larry Storch - Actor: Corporal Agarn on F Troop - (Navy WWII aboard USS Proteus)
George Strait - Country Music Star - (Army 1971-1975)
Wes Studi - Actor: Avatar, Geronimo: An American Legend - (Army Vietnam War)
Preston Sturges - Screenwriter, Director: Sullivan's Travels - (Army Signal Corps WWII)
Dr. Suess aka Theodor Seuss Geisel - Writer - (Army WWII Signal Corp)
Frank Sutton - Actor: Sgt. Vince Carter on Gomer Pyle - (Army WWII)
Bo Svenson - Actor: North Dallas Forty - (Marine Corps 1959-1965)
Chuck Swindoll - Radio Preacher, Author - (Marine Corps)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "T"):

Mr. T - Actor: The A Team - (Army)
Robert Taylor - Actor: Quo Vadis - (Navy WWII Pilot, Flight Instructor)
Rip Taylor - Comedian, Actor - (Army Signal Corps Korean War)
Dave Thomas - Founder Wendy's, TV Spokesman - (Army Korean War)
Hunter S. Thompson - Journalist, Author: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - (Air Force)
Mel Tillis - Country Music Star - (Air Force was a baker)
Pat Tillman - NFL Player Arizona Cardinals (Army KIA in Afghanistan in 2004)
Mel Tormé - Singer: The Velvet Fog - (Army WWII)
Spencer Tracy - Actor: Oscars for Captains Courageous and Boys Town - (Navy)
Lee Trevino - Professional Golfer - (Marine Corps Machine Gunner 1956-1960)
Forrest Tucker - Actor: Sgt. O'Rourke on F Troop - (Army Cavalry WWII 1942-1945)
Emlen Tunnell - NFL: Packers, Giants (Coast Guard shipped torpedoed WWII)
Gene Tunney - Boxing: Heavyweight Champion 1926-28 - (USMC WWI, Navy WWII)
Ted Turner - Founder of CNN - (Coast Guard)
Conway Twitty - Country Music Star - (Army Korean War)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "U"):

Leon Uris - Best-Selling Author - (Marine Corps)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "V"):

Rudy Vallée - Actor, Singer, Band Leader - (Navy 1917, Coast Guard WWII)
Mark Valley - Actor: Boston Legal, Fringe, Human Target - (Army Desert Storm)
Tad Van Brunt - Actor: Pilot in Road to Rio - (USMC 1943-45/48-52; USMCR 1952-59)
Lee Van Cleef - Actor: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - (Navy WWII)
Bill Veeck - Major League Baseball Team Owner - (Marine Corps WWII)
Jesse Ventura aka James George Janos - Governor, Pro Wrestler - (Navy Seal)
Gore Vidal - Author - (Army became a Warrant Officer)
Bobby Vinton - Singer, Actor - (Army)
Kurt Vonnegut - Author: Slaughterhouse Five - (Army WWII POW; Purple Heart)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "W"):

Ralph Waite - Actor: Father on The Waltons - (Marine Corps 1946-1948)
Tom Waits - Actor, Singer/Songwriter: Heartattack and Vine - (Coast Guard)
Clint Walker - Actor: The Dirty Dozen - (Merchant Marine)
Mike Wallace - News Anchor: 60 Minutes - (Navy Communications Officer WWII)
Eli Wallach - Actor: The Magnificent Seven - (Army Captain 1940-1945)
Judge Wapner - People's Court - (Army 1942-1944)
Fred Ward - Actor: Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins - (Air Force)
Jack Warden - Actor: 12 Angry Men - (Navy, Merchant Marine, Army 101st Airborne WWII)
Patrick Wayne (son of John Wayne) - Actor: Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger- (USCG)
Dennis Weaver - Actor: McCloud - (Navy Air Corps pilot)
Jack Webb - Actor: Joe Friday in Dragnet - (Army 1942-1945)
Ralph Weigel - Professional Baseball Player - (Coast Guard WWII)
Robert Weeber - Actor: 12 Angry Men - (Marine Corps WWII)
Adam West - Actor: Batman - (Army)
Red West - Actor, Former bodyguard for Elvis Presley - (Marine Corps 1956-1958)
Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman - Actor: Dances with Wolves - (Marine Corps)
Jack Weston - Actor: The Four Seasons - (Army WWII)
Hoyt Wilhelm - Major League Baseball Relief Pitcher: Old Sarge - (Army WWII)
James Whitmore - Actor: Give 'em Hell, Harry! - (Marine Corps 1942-1946 WWII)
Larry Wilcox - Actor: Chips - (Marine Corps 1967-1973)
Henry Wilcoxon - Actor: Marc Anthony in Cleopatra - (Coast Guard)
Gene Wilder - Comedian, Actor: Willy Wonka - (Army paramedic)
Montel Williams - Talk Show Host - (USMC 1974-76; USN Academy 1976-80; USN 1980-89)
Ted Williams - Hall of Fame Baseball Player - (Marine Corps)
Fred Willard - Comedian, Actor: Best in Show - (Army)
Don "The Dragon" Wilson - Kickboxing World Champion, Actor - (USCG Academy)
Flip Wilson - Comedian, Actor: The Flip Wilson Show - (Air Force 1950-1954)
Jackie Wilson - Boxer - (Army - Served beside fellow boxer Sugar Ray Robinson)
Pete Wilson - California Governor - (Marine Corps)
Sloan Wilson - Author: A Summer Place - (Coast Guard)
Kai Winding - Trombonist, Jazz Composer - (Coast Guard WWII)
Jonathan Winters - Comedian, Actor: Mearth on Mork and Mindy - (USMC WWII)
Chuck Woolery - Game Show Host: Love Connection - (Navy)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "X"):

Leon Uris - Best-Selling Author - (Marine Corps)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "Y"):

Burt Young - Actor: Paulie in Rocky - (Marine Corps 1957-1959)
Coleman Young - Civil Rights Activist, Mayor of Detroit - (Army Air Corps 1942-46, Tuskeegee Airmen)
Gig Young - Actor: They Shoot Horses, Don't They? - (Coast Guard WWII)

Celebrities who served (Last name starts with "Z"):

Darryl F. Zanuck - Film/TV Producer - (Army WWI)
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. - Actor: The F.B.I. - (Army 1941-1946)

These actors were supposedly tried to server but were turned down for various reasons (age, medical condition, etc.): Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn, Cary Grant, Bob Hope, Peter Lawford, Gregory Peck, George Raft, John Wayne & Richard Widmark.

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