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Your listing will appear randomly as our Sponsor Spotlight throughout the directory on over 300,000 pages for 1,000s of our daily visitors to potentially see and click on.

Call To Action Special Offer

Include a Special Offer in your listing, this can be a coupon, sale, product spotlight or anything else. Special offers are currently being seen on 1,000s of VOB's pages. As well as exclusively in our Military/Veteran Discount Coupon Directory

Category Listings

Listing your business under more categories increases your exposure. Get one (1) additional category listing when you link your website to VOB.
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NAICS Codes Directory

Add your business' NAICS Codes so government purchasers and contracors can find you in our exclusive NAICS Codes Directory and NAICS Codes Search Engine. Enhanced listing show above basic profiles and include your logo. Number (to the right) shows how many codes are alloted to each membership level.
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Logo or Military Seal

Adding a logo to your listing makes it more noticeable and increases brand awareness. It's also 87% more likely to be clicked! Don't have a logo readily available? We will set you up with your military branch seal as a placeholder. You can easily submit your logo at a later date.

Instant Exposure

Our blog is viewed by thousands of visitors each week. We will add a post to our blog announcing the addition of your company to the directory which will include your company's description.

Priority Listing Location

Higher priority listings show up first in the directory (including your state, city, county, categories and NAICS Codes) and any relevant search that shows your business.
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Listing Priority

How long before my listing is added and my business and contact information can be seen by the VOB Directory's 1,000s of visitors?
Usually Goes Live same day Usually Goes Live same day

Live in a few days
Adding a website link will speed this up!

Business Description

Advanced listings give you more space to talk about your business and your products and services.

Sponsorship Recognition

Your business will be listed on our Search Engine Optimized sponsorship page as extra recognition.
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Proud Member Badge

Show the world you are a proud veteran-owned business and get added exposure at the same time by adding one of our "We are a Veteran Owned Business" banners to your email, collateral and website.
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VOB Member Package (includes Member Certificate)

Business profile comes with other extra benefial perks and items including your business' Certificate of Membership (QR code links directly to your VOB profile), bumper stickers, window stickers and more.
Includes Full VOB Member Package including Member Sticker NONE NONE
Exclusive Coupon Directory:
Your special offer shows for 1 full year in our Military/Veteran Discount Coupon Directory and Coupon Directory by State giving more opportunities to be seen. It also helps your site's SEO by offering even more links to your site.
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Top Level Category Listing:
Because of the demand of nearly 28,000 member profiles, we've now reserved our top level categories (TLC) solely for VOB Small Business Member Sponsors. Here's a sample of some of our TLCs Business Services, Commercial Contracting, Health and Medical, Construction, Government and Military, Stores, Dealers and Products... or click here to see all top level categories. (category selection is based on editorial review)
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Social Media Exposure

With a supporter network of nearly 300,000, we have a unique opportunity to help promote members through posts and tweets. Check out our reach on Facebook and Twitter. Small Business Sponsors and Enhanced listings will get a mention!
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Increased Profile Views
Shows average increased profile views over a free listing. Check out this sample list of businesses, organizations and government agencies who have used VOB?
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More Traffic
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*2017 Small Business Special:
(limited time only)


Goes live same day


Goes live same day
Live within a few days

Enhanced listings help keep VOB growing? Servers, stickers, certificates, bloggers, articles, PTSD Book donations and more... it all takes money. The support we receive from small business sponsors allows us to continue to grow and reach out to more and more veterans, active duty military and their respective families! In short: our ability to reach out and help the military community is directly attributed to you and your business!

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